• John Robb

How To Make Your Abandoned Cart Email Work Even Harder

When it comes to low-hanging fruit for eCommerce brands, abandoned cart emails are like a really short, apple-loving giraffe run amok in an orchard.

Why not just say a horse?

Because I meat a short giraffe.

That short-giraffe makes eCom brands easy money...

[According to research, 7 out of 10 visitors to your site will add an item to their cart, but leave before buying. So, if you don’t have an abandoned cart sequence, wtf gender-neutral dude, you’re missing out on a really simple way to instantly increase your revenue, shoot me an email and let’s get started on your own short giraffe!]

… but where a lot of brands miss a trick is, they make zero effort to give that short-giraffe a personality.

“Hey, you left something in your cart… ”

“Hey, we think you left something in your cart… “

“Hey, did you forget something in your cart?”

“Hey, cart something something urghhh your email was so boring I fell asleep at the wheel of my truck and crashed into a wooden knoll, someone call 911! What do you mean what's a wooded knoll? Google it... Then send help...”

Sound familiar?

Yeah, because everyone writes the same thing in their abandoned cart email.

And it’s a missed opportunity in the fight to stand out from the competition.

Every time you send an email, any email, whether it’s to tell them their order shipped, to confirm their subscription, or to passive-aggressively remind them you think maybe they accidentally left something in their cart…

That’s another chance to tattoo your brand on your customer’s brain and build a stronger bond by filling it with your brand’s personality to make it unique.

An Abandoned Cart Message Bursting With Personality

One of my favorite abandoned cart messages (okay, technically this wasn’t an email, it was a Facebook retargeting ad triggered when I abandoned my cart, but it could easily be applied to an email) is from a brand called MoveU.

MoveU sell an online fitness program “designed to strengthen your body into alignment, and get you back to living a fearless life,” which could be pretty dry, but their brand is anything but.

Their instagram feed (@moveu) is full of value driven videos that are also bursting with the personality of the two guys that run the brand.

And they have an abandoned cart message to match...

It fits perfectly with their irreverent brand tone of voice, is packed full of personality, and stuck in my brain wayyyyy longer than any faceless brand that sent me hey, did you… NO FFS I DID NOT!

Okay, that’s great an all, but how can I add more personality to my abandoned cart email?

Well, funny you should ask...

Here are a few ways you can add personality to your abandoned cart email:

+ Write the email as if it’s from the cart, a really really really freakin excitable cart that’s so excited to let them know it’s still holding their order… or a grumpy fucking cart that’s so over it (depending on your brands tone of voice, obviously)...

+ Or maybe the email’s from the product they left in their cart. It could be waxing lyrical about its benefits… or neurotically telling them it has abandonment issues from when it was left overnight in a dark container yard SO HURRY UP AND COME BACK!!!

+ Or you could just put a spin on what the product’s used for, like I did with this abandoned cart email for a sous vide accessories brand… (For context, an immersion circulator is a cooking device that can be controlled over wifi via and app on your phone. It heats water to a constant temp and cooks the perfect freakin steak.)

So, there you go.

Every email is an opportunity for your brand to separate itself from the pack, build a stronger relationship with your customers, and be a short giraffe that loves apples.

Especially the ones your competitors use boilerplate copy for.

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