• John Robb

How To Add More Personality To Your Emails

Here’s a quick tip to add personality to your emails… HAVE A PERSPECTIVE FFS!

The best comedians are masters at this.

The things they talk about aren’t inherently funny, but the ways THEY see them are.

Kevin Hart watches a couple ordering a McDonald’s but sees a metaphorical struggle between the sexes.

Bill Burr sees the same couple but retells the ordering of a small chicken mcnuggets as a metaphor for the eunuchization of modern man.

I see the same couple and… nah, I’m f@#king with you, I barely remember the inside of McDonald's, the only time I end up in there is 3am after 13 Miller High Lifes.

So how does this work in your emails?

Well, rather than send out a boilerplate 15% off email for Mother’s Day, send a 15% off email with your unique perspective on Mother’s Day…

Whether that’s a poignant story from your childhood or, say, for example, you own a beard oil brand, and run a 15% off Mother’s Day promo because, hey, bearded ladies built this country too!

So, in conclusion, incase you can't remember the beginning of this short post (Miller High Life fan too, huh?), add personality and make your emails (and brand) more memorable by sharing your unique perspective.